Monday, October 20, 2014

Tuesday's Tails: Adopt Cowboy!

I've mentioned before how much I respect the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the work they do, and one of the top goals on my "bucket list" is to visit Utah specifically to volunteer there.  I check their list of adoptable animals at least once a month...even though I know we aren't able to bring another pet into our home at this time, I still love to browse :D  (My husband always knows when I'm checking out pet adoption sites because I keep squealing and "awww"-ing!)

Of course, all of the dogs featured win me over in their own way.  But this time, a unique mix named Cowboy caught my eye, and I just had to share him with you!

Check. Out. Those. Ears.  I can't get enough!  This photo absolutely melts my heart.

From the Best Friends page:  "Cowboy is a little man with big ears, a big heart, and a great smile.  He's very outgoing, bonding quickly with new people, and playing nicely with other dogs.  Born in 2006, Cowboy is at an age where he equally enjoys his playtime and relaxation time.  The poor boy was found tied to a car in a hot parking lot, and his people never returned for him.  Now he's looking for someone who will never leave him.  Could that be you?"

At approximately 8 years old, Cowboy is considered a senior dog.  My Riley is about the same age, and I can definitely vouch for the fact that 8 is a great age!  Riley loves both playing and sleeping, and it sounds like the same is true of Cowboy.  

The website calls him an Affenpinscher/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) - isn't that crazy?!  Not sure where the Affenpinscher comes in...any ideas?  Cowboy is a nice mid-sized fella, and he would make someone an amaaaazing pet!  Since his new furrever home can't be mine...could it be yours?  Contact the Best Friends Animal Society for more information!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cyber Saturday: Halloween Edition

Rounding up my favorite fall- and Halloween-themed links from around the Web this week...

Beagles and Bargains posted an adorable (and super-easy!) recipe for frozen "candy corn" treats for your dog.    It involves pumpkins and yogurt, and it couldn't be cuter!

Speaking of cute recipes, have you seen these little mummy treats over on Kol's Notes?!  Perfect for Halloween!

Puppy Leaks recently posted an informative list of ways to keep your pup safe on Halloween.  We all need to keep in mind how stressful the holiday can be for pets - what with the doorbell ringing and kids running around in scary costumes and all.  Not to mention all the dangerous candy they might ingest!  Click on over and check it out to prepare for the 31st.

Robbi at BlogPaws had some great ideas for using Halloween as inspiration for your pet blog.  Writer's block can be tough - especially now, when the weather is getting chilly and we're all cooped up inside.  Holidays like this one, though, can serve as a great starting point for posts:  costumes, treats, and safety tips are all Halloween-related and could make awesome posts!

I adore this treat jar from Bliss Home & Design!  We keep Riley's treats shut away in a closet - in their original packaging - but this jar would allow me to keep them out in the open in a pretty way.  Fishs Eddy also has some amazing pet-related home decor.

Any fellow pet bloggers live near the Twin Cities?  Be sure to check out Sever's Corn Maze and Fall Festival!  It's a huge corn maze, pumpkin patch, and farmer's market and looks like tons of fun.  Bonus:  it's not a haunted event, so it is very kid-friendly!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Letter From Riley

Have you heard of the book called Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe by Jeremy Greenberg?  It's full of cute photos and letters from naughty dogs to their "pack leaders".  The subject matter of these hilarious letters ranges from grooming mishaps to pleas of "throw the ball already!"  Each letter is accompanied by a photo of the letter's canine author, and each is funnier and more adorable than the last!

Inspired by this book, Riley decided to take matters into his own, paws...and share his own letter with you...

Dear Mama,

Lots of the dogs in that book you kept laughing at called their mama "pack leader."  I am not going to call you that, because we all know who truly leads the pack around here.  Yes, me - Riley!  So I just call you Mama instead.  

Can I just tell you one thing?  When I roll over and look at you like I am looking at you in that picture, I am asking for something.  That something is a belly rub.  I don't want you to take a picture of me, and I definitely do not want to be laughed at or called "cute."  Just rub my belly, woman!

Even though we both know that I love Daddy more - I don't do a great job of hiding it, do I? - you are by far my favorite mama!  Sure, you don't give me as many belly rubs as I'd like, and you think it's funny when I am afraid of the Evil Ice Machine...but you're pretty cool otherwise.  I really like it when you sing that song that has my name in it, and you are the only one who knows how to scratch my ears properly.

One more thing, though, more baths.  Ever.  That stuff I rolled in in the backyard smells delightful!  Don't ruin it with those awful, wet, sudsy bubbles!  And I happen to like when I get food stuck in my mustache, so no need to bother with that anymore either.  


What would your pets say if they could write you a letter??

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Small-Town Living Has Gone to the Dogs

My husband and I live in a small town where nearly every family owns a dog.  Now, in many cases, this could cause all sorts of problems:  dogs who won't stop barking, off-leash dogs, bite cases, poop left on sidewalks...the list goes on.  But I love that my town has such a large population of dogs.  Incredibly, we have never had much of an issue with any of the neighborhood pups, and aside from our neighbor's friendly poodle mix and one wandering Lab, we've never even seen any off-leash dogs!

The small-town, "everyone knows everyone" vibe here is great, too.  The same people walk their dogs every morning, when the air is a little chilly and the grass is wet and cloaked with a layer of fog.  And the same people walk them at night; no need to use reflective harnesses or clothing here - there are rarely any cars on the road.  We make eye contact, smile, exchange sympathetic glances when one of us is kneeling to pick up after our dog.  We know which dog to steer clear of on the sidewalk and which ones like to give sloppy kisses.  Sometimes we even know the names of the neighbor's dogs and not the names of the neighbors themselves!  We always pick up after our dogs, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because our former gym teacher might see us out of his window, or because it might get stepped in by the lady who has cut your hair since you were 14.

I'm not sure about the other residents of this town, but I always look forward to the noon and six-o'clock whistle...because the neighborhood dogs go nuts!  I crack up every time I hear one lone Beagle start howling in tune with the whistle, then slowly, the other dogs join in.  I don't get annoyed by the resident Basset Hound's barking, if only because it makes Riley's ears perk up in the most adorable way (though the yipping Yorkie that visits every once in a while...that's a different story).  I love taking Riley on walks past different houses and knowing I'll see the poodle's head pop up, the  Pittie's nose nudge the curtains open, and I'll hear the Westie's low, gruff barks as soon as he hears the jingle of Riley's collar.  It's always something fun to look forward to :)

How do you feel about your neighborhood's dogs?  Are they friend or are they foe?

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We Love Fall!: (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Fall is our favorite season around here.

The changing leaves are gorgeous this time of year...

...And Riley is very excited to get all decked out in his Halloween best!

Happy WW! <3

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday's Tails: Max and Daisy May

Are you ready for two of the cutest faces you'll ever see?

Well, are you?!

Here they are:  Daisy May...

...and Max!

Both photos are courtesy of the incomparable Love & Luck Photography, and both dogs are available at the Humane Society of North Iowa.

Little Daisy May is a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix, and I cannot believe she is still up for adoption!  Wriggly, sweet, and cuddly, Daisy May would make someone a perfect pet; she loves to play yet loves to be petted and pampered just as much.  If Riley wasn't such a jealous pup, I just might take this little girl home myself!

Handsome Max (I'm a sucker for an underbite!) is a 3-year-old terrier mix who is a little more timid than the average terrier.  Though he is shy around new people, Max is sweet as can be and just wants to curl up in someone's lap.  He is still a bit uncomfortable in the shelter environment, but he is starting to warm up - Max has bonded with one employee in particular and seems to absolutely adore her!  Don't you love those little wrinkles above his eyes?  

If you are interested in adopting either Daisy May or Max, please contact the HSNI; in the meantime, share their photos - let's get these sweethearts adopted!  

Don't forget:  October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!  Even if you yourself can't adopt a shelter dog, share their photos and stories with someone who can.  There are also many other ways you can help shelters if you can't adopt - check out this Petfinder post for a list!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cyber Saturday: The Best of September

I have been slacking on the Cyber Saturday posts lately, so I figured I would update you with my favorite links from last month!  This post is gonna be light on photos and heavy on links... Here we go!

Lola the Pitty did a great round-up of Gifts for Those Who Have Lost a Dog.  Even if you don't know anyone who has had an animal pass, check this post out anyway!  There's a few things on there - specifically the pawprint ornaments and mosaic stepping stone - that I'd love to buy (or make!) for myself.

I loved Irresistible Pet's Fall Bucket List, and it's even printable!  Click the link so you can print one for yourself and check off each activity one by one before fall inevitably kicks the bucket (which, by the way, is probably going to happen sooner than we'd all like - I heard the dreaded "S" word for this weekend in Iowa!).  My favorite fall activity to do with Riley is taking a 'fall foliage' walk!

BlogPaws posted an incredibly helpful list of ways to save up for the upcoming conference in May.  This year, it's located in Nashville - that's quite the drive for us Iowans!  While I absolutely cannot wait to attend my very first BlogPaws conference, I'm not looking forward to spending so much money (on hotels, gas, food, etc.)...and neither is my husband.  But this handy guide listed all sorts of ways for us to help save!

I have really been enjoying BarkPost lately!  I am in love with every single dog breed poster they pictured, and speaking of love...have you seen this video yet?!  Your heart might just explode from all the cuteness!  Last month, they also put up a post called "If Dogs Were Contractors", featuring dog-friendly home decor and design ideas.  My favorite was the handy cabinet nook for your pooch to nap in, shown below.

Over at Oh My Dog Blog, Maggie's husband spoke out recently about what it's like being married to a pet blogger.  Equal parts funny (helping set up Mardi Gras photoshoots, talking about poop consistency) and sweet (he loves supporting "Maggie being Maggie"), this was such an adorable idea for a post!

This isn't pet-related, but if you're a nerd like me and my husband, BuzzFeed posted some pretty awesome ideas for hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party!

PLUS, 2 blogs I've really been loving lately:

Kol's Notes:  I don't normally go back through a blog's archives and bookmark ideas (unless I REALLY love the blog), but I did just this with Kol's Notes.  It's about dogs and DIY - two of my favorite things ever!  It doesn't hurt that the writing is hilarious, either.

Puppy Leaks:  Though this blog hasn't been around for very long, it has quickly become one of my favorites.  The posts cover a huge variety of topics:  personal notes about the author's own dog, helpful tips about illnesses, important news stories about shelter dogs, and the list goes on.  I think the post that first brought me there was "Ways to Help Shelter Animals Without Adopting", while my favorite post so far is probably "Effective Animal Networking".  Lots of subjects very close to my heart.

Hope you enjoy my favorite links of September!  Thank you so much for reading <3